Shopping at Beekman & Beekman means that the products you purchase are made from the best ingredients available. Over 80 years of beekeeping experience has set the stage for the introduction of "estate bottled" gourmet honey and honey wine (mead), as well as other unique products.

Beyond the consumer's expectation for the natural character of honey, our pure varietal honeys have been chosen for their unique flavor quality. The purity of the nectar source is also directly reflected in the depth, flavor and "soul" of Beekman & Beekman wines. Continuing the tradition of using the best ingredients, Beekman & Beekman carries other culinary and health related items.

Enjoy your visit to our web site and online store. If you are in the area, come by our six generation old farm's Tasting Room at 5236 Geer Road in Hughson, California to taste the unique flavors of pure varietal honeys and the wine that premium honey can create.

Hours: Saturday 11-5 Sunday 1-5 NON-Holidays


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